New Year, New Me

I decided to start a blog to challenge myself to write a little each day. I wasn’t sure of the subject at first but then it came to me. A new year, a new start and an opportunity to make a difference. So this year I plan to be more positive and have more happiness in my life. I plan to stand up to my giants and overcome challenges. I will also be reading some books to help me along the way. I’ll write about what I’m reading and how it applies in my life. I also hope to learn some new skills, although I haven’t decided what those will be yet (suggestions are always welcome).

It started about a week and a half ago. I was talking to a guy who is a life coach who suggested that I put sticky notes up in certain places in my home. They only needed to be short messages like “Be Positive.”  I took his suggestion and put one in my bathroom, one on my bedroom door and one in my car. There are more places I could use them but I haven’t gotten that far. I also put a glass rock in my pants pocket and use it as a reminder to stay positive.

why am I doing this? I’m 37 years old (young?), married and have three kids. I feel a lot of pressure as a husband and a father to make sure my family is taken care of. I’ve let life get me down and I also have anxiety problems. I’ve never been a real confident person. I want all this to change and I plan to write about it here.

As a reader you can expect this blog to start slow. I have to learn before I can change, not to mention the kids are out of school and we have family in town. I do, however, have a list of books and books in my possession waiting to be read. Also, I won’t rule out typos for now. I do not have a computer and will be writing a lot from mobile devices which makes not only typing difficult but proof reading. Bare with me as I grow as a person and technologically. By the end of the year you will see great things here.


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