Learning To Overcome Challenges

This broken plant refuses to stop growing.

This broken plant refuses to stop growing.

A couple of months ago my 5 year old brought it home from Girl Scouts with about 6 plants that were nearly dead. Despite my best efforts, they were too far gone. I finally gave up and left the pots sitting near a window. My wife told me I should still water them. Why? I had no idea. She just kept saying “you never know what’s in there.” After a couple of days the plant in the picture grew out of nowhere. Within 4 days it was about a foot tall. The whole family marveled at this plant that sprouted out of nowhere after it had seemingly died and withered away. In fact, this one was so dead that you couldn’t see any trace of it.

Two days ago my 5 year old was sitting there admiring this new life of a plant and decided to touch it, which broke it in half. After a short lecture about how she shouldn’t have touched the plant when I had told her not to, I gave her a hug and told her it everything was ok. Today I went to go water a couple of other plants when I noticed this one still growing. It had actually curved and started growing upward again. Quite frankly I’m blown away by this. Despite the odds stacked against it, this plant won’t stop. It has a purpose and is determined to fulfill that purpose.

I can relate to my little plant. I have a purpose in life, a mission if you will. I may not know what that purpose is but no matter what happens I should just quietly keep going and not give up. Not only that but sometimes, the struggle isn’t even what it seems. A little bit of water each day will cause me to grow and defeat the giants in my life.

I did about 15 minutes of yoga today and a half hour of running yesterday. I also spent some time reading and writing in this blog. The effort is small but I’m feeling changes already. Oh, and I’ve also learned that I should always listen to my wife!


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