When Setbacks Move You Forward

I haven’t written in a couple of days. My goal was to write at least 300 words per day for the entire year but I had a bit of a set back…. or maybe not.

it all started Tuesday evening when I was at work. My wife texted me to let me know that her and a couple of friends were going to the local karaoke bar and to meet her there after work.  I get out of work at 10:30 pm and it takes me about a half hour to get there. By the time I got there the group had grown. Long story short after giving one of our intoxicated friends a ride home, I didn’t get to bed until 2 am.

The alarm went off on Wednesday morning at 7:20am and I got up to get my two youngest daughters off to school. By the time the bus came at 8 am I just knew there was no way my body was going to allow me to run.  I decided to go back to bed and get a little more sleep.  By the time I got up it was too late to write or run for that matter.

On my way out the door to go to work a thought came to me. If I pick up a bag of ice on the way home, I could run after work (Wednesday night), take an ice bath, which is an amazing way to recover from a workout, and be fresh enough to run again Friday morning. That would give me less than the 47.5 hours I had factored in to recover between runs but it should work.

Wednesday night I came home and ran, took my ice bath and then went to bed. By the way, a cold bath like that will make you sleep like a baby. Thursday morning I work up feeling great. Unfortunately, my youngest wasn’t feeling that great. She stayed home from school. I had to take my wife to her school to pick up her schedule and buy her books and when we got home, my daughter wanted to use the iPad. Since she wasn’t feeling good I decided to just let her enjoy it and therefore didn’t write yesterday either. All the more reason that I need a working laptop! All in good time.

Looking back, I still accomplished my big goal of running. I was able to turn a potentially bad mood and disappointment in to a positive. I learned a bit about myself because of it and therefore I feel like this “setback” moved me forward.

Today is Friday. So how did my run go? I had a fantastic run. It was cool, around 70 degrees, there is a light fog which, I think is pretty with Florida’s swampy personality. I feel great, I feel accomplished and I feel positive. This experience helps me to see that you can turn any situation in to a positive situation. Simply because it doesn’t happen the way I had envisioned it would doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Like Alan Watts said, you have to let life go and run it’s course. You can’t force it.

It is now time for a nice cold shower and then on with my day. I now have it in mind to turn every “negative” situation in to a positive one because that’s what it is meant to be.


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