What’s Your Hurry? Discontent

I was driving home a few days ago and watched as a car traveling in another lane but behind me sped through a yellow light that turned red as it entered the intersection. I thought to myself, “what makes someone put their safety and the safety of others in jeopardy simply to shave 30 seconds off of their drive?” While I cannot speak for everyone, my own experience tells me that the driver probably wasn’t thinking of safety, they weren’t thinking of anything regarding that particular moment. Most likely they were thinking of a future event such as arriving home or the lunch that they may have been hungry for. Instead of enjoying the beautiful sunshine, 75 degree weather and palm trees, they were concerned with a future matter that, if they continued to drive in such a manner, may never come.

There have been so many times in my life that I didn’t truly appreciate because I was waiting for what was next. And when that time came, I was most likely looking forward to something else.

When I got married I not only got a wife but also a step daughter. It was a wonderful, and trying year for so many reasons. The first 10 months were particularly difficult financially. By the time we got stable, it was almost time for my first daughter to be born. I remember thinking about a month before she was born that things would be changing. I welcomed the change but it would never just be my wife, step daughter and me anymore. I decided at that point to stop and enjoy the time we had at that stage. It was a wonderful time indeed. Not because of anything in particular but because I stopped to notice and enjoy it one moment at a time.

Looking back, I now realize that the first 10 months that I thought were so difficult, really we’re full of good times. We never knew where our next meal would come from at times, the house fell in to foreclosure (which we were able to get out of) and I ended up going out on the road driving a truck. With the exception of the three months I was on the road, my wife and I were together nearly every moment. We had an equally as poor neighbor who we had endless fun hanging out with.

There is good and bad in every situation. All I have to do is set my focus on the good things. I think life has a funny way of showing you things in the past that you didn’t see when it was happening. Maybe it is your mind’s way of saying, “hey, wake up and smell the roses.”

I haven’t written in a couple of days. Until I can get a computer, I’m at the mercy of my iPad and with five people in my family, not only are we busy on the weekends but my kids also want to use the iPad. Weekdays should be free, however. My wife started school this week so I have a lot of me time. Also, when I get a computer I’ll be able to spell check and proof read better. It is very difficult to edit text once it is written on the iPad. Since I’m getting more viewers every day I thought I would throw that out there. The good news is that my wife should be getting a computer soon and I’ll be able to use it at times.

Be well, friends and be positive.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Hurry? Discontent

  1. Thanks for this excellent information! I have found that not only is positive focus necessary, but present moment focus as well. That takes us out of fast forward mode and adds more joy and positivity to our lives 🙂

    • Thank you for the advice. It is all part of my journey. Too long have I cried for the past while worrying about the future. I had forgotten about right now.

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