Accepting Good Things In My Life

Wednesday meaning meeting day at work. I am weird in the fact that I enjoy meeting. They’re a time when I can get away from my work and all I have to do is talk. After our meeting wrapped up my boss, who is a truly a pleasure to work for and with was telling us that she finally fulfilled her goal of running the Disney half marathon and marathon in one weekend. She got a total of three medals for completing these races. We got to talking about running and how I’m starting to run again and she told me I should run in a race. She looked up a schedule of upcoming races and there is one coming up in march that is a 2 mile race. I’ll be read for two miles by then. The next race is at the end of March and is a 5k (3.1 miles).

My first inclination was to say maybe and then forget about it. I mean, what if I can’t find a place to park and what if I am not sure where I’m supposed to go or oversleep or show up the wrong day… Then I decided to stop acting irrational and told her I would look it up. I’ve got a couple of months to put money aside (my budget is a bit tight). So I made up my mind. I’m going to run a couple of races with my boss. Short races with a marathon runner and triathlete.

I’ve noticed that there are good and bad things that are trying to happen at all times. The question is, do I want to accept the good things or allow the bad things to win? Quite frankly, in theory, we would all like to accept the good things. In practice, however, it has felt very different in my life. A friend offers to pick up the tab and I say “no, no. I can’t let you do that.” I’ve come to understand that allowing people to do nice things benefits not only me but them as well.

I think back to times when I have done something nice for someone. It gives me great joy and satisfaction. It gives them great joy and satisfaction. It strengthens bonds and deepens friendships. It puts a smile on the face of people who are watching.

I was in a Starbucks a couple of weeks ago. The man who was two people ahead of me was ordering several drinks and paying for them individually. I was in a good frame of mind so I didn’t let it bother me. A woman walked up to the woman who was in front of me and started chatting. The two women were together but one had already gotten her drink. No one seemed irritated but the man who was ordering so many drinks asked the woman in front of me what she was ordering. She told him and the man responded by saying “I have one right here! You can have it!” The woman was so thankful, the woman who got a free coffee was smiling and her friend as well. Not only that but it made me and the barista smile as well. Five people were impacted by that gesture that seemed to be such a small gesture to this man. He finished quite quickly and I was on my way with a great cup of black decaf.

By turning offers down, I feel like I’m choosing to focus on the negative. I’m turning down someone’s offer to share some happiness with me. In return I feel I should joyfully do nice things for other people. God has a way of giving back to us what we put out. Is that karma? I plan to allow good things to happen to me. To run a race with my boss, to smile and wave to the driver who leaves me room to pull out, to go through a door that someone stops to hold. And in return, I’ll focus on the positive and feel the joy of doing those things as well.

Be well, be positive.


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