Lessons From Nature: Evaporation

When I was eight years old my grandpa took my brother and I finishing on a river near his home in northern Michigan. Up until that point in my life I had never been awake before 7 AM but that morning he woke us up before 6. I was no stranger to fishing with my grandpa. I spent whole summers with my grandparents at their home in a quiet lake. We would fish a little in the morning, water ski all day and then fish in the evenings. This morning, however was a special occasion.

After a good breakfast, my brother and I were packed in to my grandpa’s brown truck and off we went. I was amazed as we drove and I looked out the window to the lake. It was a cool morning, the sun was starting to peak up from the horizon and I saw a mist rising from the lake that fascinated me. I remember asking my grandpa about it and he told me it was the water evaporating. He explained why we could see it at that time and not during the day but I was off in dream land, imagining where that water was going and what it would become.

This morning I was out running. It is cold, 32 degrees (Farenheit), this morning and as I passed a near by pond I could see the water evaporating. As I started to think back to that fishing trip I looked down to check my stride and noticed a storm drain with the word “STORM” printed on it. I realized at that point that the water vapor rising from that little pond was going to go on to become something big.

Last night I let my anxiety get to me over not being able to find my headphones. But I cannot beat myself up over it. I can only learn a lesson and move forward. Like the water evaporating, I am starting slow, subtle and quiet. Once I take flight I can build until I’m a mighty storm of positivity and happiness. I’m on a journey, just like the mist that will go in to the sky and travel the world, I too have places that I am going. We don’t know where, only the natural flow of life can answer that, just as the wind carries the clouds.

Sitting in a lawn chair with a fishing pole, your brother and grandfather while you watch the river pass by is like heaven on earth. We ended up catching only a couple of trout that day. I don’t recall catching anything myself. But there was no failure in that. It isn’t about catching fish, it was about time spent together. It was about the lessons I would still learn 29 years later.

Be well, be positive.


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