The Sun Can’t Shine Every Day

Today is a struggle and I’ve hardly even made it out of bed. My youngest has a sensitivity to artificial colors and she ate a donut someone gave us that has artificial colors in it. Also, my wife has completed her first week of school but the school can’t get themselves in gear and get her book store account set up. It was supposed to be all set today but it isn’t. They said try back later. My seven year old’s nerves are wearing thin because of my five year old. She’s a super sweet girl until she eats something with artificial colors in it. Then she turns in to a monster. This isn’t a blog about nutrition but if you have mental health problems I would avoid artificial colors in your food.

I’m feeling anxious. I’m trying to block things out, living in this moment, deep breathing…. I know today will end well but for now I am trying to find a way to relax. I don’t like to take Xanax and only use it as a last resort. So for now I will just tell myself that everything is ok. To try to smile and enjoy my day off.

Be well, be positive


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