A Giant Named Gratitude

Gratitude, the gateway to positive thinking.  This is my biggest giant.  No, I don’t forget to say thank you to people who hold doors for me or bring me my lunch at a restaurant.  My struggle is looking at what I have and being thankful instead of focusing on what I don’t have and wishing for more.

As a society, we are conditioned to have desires for material objects  When we are constantly wanting things we don’t have then it is hard to be thankful for what we don’t have.  The illusion that our lives are incomplete without the latest and greatest new product has become a great source of anxiety for me.  If I don’t make more money then my kids wont have the same things that other kids have.  If they don’t have these things then they’ll feel bad about themselves and wont have a great childhood.

I was thinking about Christmas as a young kid.  I was trying to remember the best gifts I ever received, the things I wanted the most.  I can’t even remember where more of those things went.  The objects I wanted so badly and I can’t even remember when I last used them.  A hand full of gifts I received as a kid, like my BB gun, I used with my brother and other family members and created memories with them.

A great childhood is made up of bonding with family.  My kids are home from school today.  The alarm went off late and we didn’t make it.  I spent some time with them playing games and watching TV.  Sure, the game was a Christmas gift, but also it was a tool that we use to strengthen our family bond.  It doesn’t matter what the game is, I enjoy the time with my girls and they are happiest when I’m spending time with them.

Taking time to see the real things in life has shown me what I need to be thankful for.  Time, family and love.  This is what I am thankful for and this is what I need to focus my gratitude on.  As I adopt a lifestyle of gratitude then I will become a more positive person and my anxiety will subside when I no longer worry about the things that make me anxious.

Be well, be positive


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