Amazing Things Are Happening

I have a post-it note on my bathroom mirror…. wait, scratch that.  I have several post-it notes on my bathroom mirror.  One says “Something amazing will happen today.”  This little post-it note tells me the truth every day and has never once lied to me.

It started with me following a twitter chat by Pam Grout.  Pam wrote a book that I am about half way through called “E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.”  In her chat, Pam said that she tells herself every morning that something amazing will happen today.  I loved this so much that I added it to my post-it notes.  Because, if I believe that something amazing is happening then I will start to notice those amazing things.  Also, the note has the word “today” on it for a reason.  This means that something amazing is happening every single day, not one amazing thing this week or month or even year or maybe in my lifetime but every day!

Indeed, I could write off a lot of these amazing things as mere coincidence but I don’t believe that to be true because they happen day after day.  Sometimes they’re little things like my cable TV that I asked service to stop at the end of the month I had already paid for being shut off the exact day I needed it to stay on because I got paid that day.  Or maybe it’s feeling God’s strength give me a lift while I’m running and don’t feel like I can go any further.  There have been certain opportunities that I’ve asked to present themselves and having a feeling that they would happen any minute.  Guess what? The did!

I wont say I’ve changed since I started this blog but my perspective has certainly shifted.  By seeing the amazing things in life, I’ve become more positive.  I feel more confident (not a whole lot but definitely a noticeable amount).  I am able to handle stressful situations by staying present and observing the situations instead of being caught up in the stress of them.

Do you know what the most amazing thing is?  The one thing that we perhaps take for granted the most… Nature is one thing.  A tree growing is an amazing. I just grows exactly the way it needs to without anyone telling it how.  Do you know what else is amazing?  You are amazing.  Your body is amazing and your mind is the most complicated thing in the universe.  Go today and witness amazing things and most of all, be amazing.

Be well.  Be positive.


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