100 Happy Days Challenge

The new internet fad is the “100 Happy Days Challenge.”  I think internet fads are fun but this one is actually really useful to be in confronting my giants.  The challenge is to take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days.

I’ve been taking pictures of things and posting them to my instagram page.  The first couple of days it took some thought to find things to take pictures of.  By the third day I had a couple of things I wanted to post and wasn’t sure which one to do.  I had to pick the one that felt most appropriate to what was happening that day.

The 100 Happy Days website states that people who complete the challenge:

– Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 – Be in a better mood every day;
 – Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 – Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 – Become more optimistic;
 – Fall in love during the challenge.


Luckily, I’m already in love.  The rest I could use some work on.  After only a few days I already am starting to feel the positive affects on my life.

Surprisingly, the website states that 71% of the people who do not complete the challenge fail because they simply don’t have the time.  What?! They don’t have the time to take a picture and put it on instagram?  This literally takes me 2 or 3 minutes of my day.  Assuming you sleep 8 hours and are awake 16, 5 minutes is 0.5% of your day.

I’ve found that people don’t make time because they aren’t focused on or don’t care to complete them.  Now is a perfect time for me to take on a challenge like this because my focus is on becoming more positive.  I’m so thankful that I’ve found this website.

I encourage all of you to take on this challenge and please, follow my instagram and see some things that make me happy!


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