Love In Abundance


Have you ever stopped to think about the terms “fell IN love” and “fell OUT of love”?  I’m starting to wonder if these terms describe real things.  Do we suddenly gain or lose love or was that love there all along?  Scientifically, we could describe the feeling of love as a chemical event in the brain.  But why does that happen?  There has to be some sort of spiritual force behind the whole thing.  Perhaps it comes from our spiritual side.

I don’t mean to be too new age or hippie sounding.  I just wonder if maybe we should rethink this whole concept of love as we understand it.  How much love do you have right now?  Is your love tank full?  Does it ever go empty or maybe it starts to run low like your gas tank in your car or your energy levels?

If I’m truthful with myself and start to look back in my life, I don’t think there has ever been a time when I’ve said “gee, I’m kind of at my love limit at the moment so I’ll have to love you tomorrow.”  Never!  As much as I love, I ALWAYS have room to love something else.  I can love every strand of hair on my head, every grain of sand on the beach (seriously, I do!), every beautiful bloom on every flower I pass in a given day, every tree with every leaf on it and STILL I have room to love everyone I see, hear about, think about, encounter….

There is no end to the amount of love that you have.  I don’t know where we put it all but start giving out love and you’ll only find that you have more to give.  You have an unlimited supply of love!

Be well.  Be positive.


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