A Rainy Orlando Morning

“Tim!”, my wife urgently stated as I opened my eyes and rolled over.  “I forgot to set my alarm and it’s 7:25!”

It was 10 minutes past when I normally get up to get my girls ready and off to the school bus.  My 6 year old was not in the mood to wake up.  As we rushed to get ready and then ran out the door we started on our walk to the bus.  In that moment, everything changed.  The sun was shining bright and there was a calm breeze causing the leaves on the trees to rustle in a symphony of sound that seemed to be trying to get my attention.

And then the thunder.  “But it’s a perfectly clear day?”, I thought to myself.  There it was again.  Not loud but it confidently made me aware of it’s presence.  Nature was definitely speaking to me this morning.  As our walk continued, my girls’ frowns turned to smiles and we chatted as we briskly walked and made it to the bus stop just in time to see the bus pull up.

I paused for a minute and made sure they got on safely and then waved as the bus pulled away.  It was now the loneliest time of my day.  The moment my girls are whisked off to school and I’m standing there seeing them as they disappear behind the trees.  And then my journey back home.  There was more thunder and I could see clouds peeking over the trees.  I heard another parent say “rain is coming.”  Indeed.

By the time I got home, although I was tired, I felt a sense of calm.  My little dog was there to greet me at the door and then took her seat next to me on the couch.  Nature had gotten my attention, asked me calmly to slow down and now I had the morning to relax, anxiety free.


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