Going With The Flow of Life

To force life, is to live with anxiety.  I’ve lived with it too long.  It has put gray hairs on my head.  Was I even able to force it or was it all just a mental thing?  In reality, life can’t be forced.  I was simply trying to move that large rock and failing as it sat there basking in the sun happy as can be.  Have you ever tried to make a river flow faster?  It would be very difficult to do so but if you tried, I’m sure that the water would become displaced and overflow the banks.  So why not just let the river flow naturally?

My anxiety has come from years of trying to micromanage my life and being afraid of the outcome.  God has a purpose and he wants good to happen in our lives.  So why not trust him and know that good things come when we let them?  Do I profess to know better than God?  Absolutely not.

There is s saying in the 12 step recovery programs that says, “Let go and let God.”  It is powerful advice if you know how to put it in to practice.  While I’ve never experienced drug or alcohol addiction myself, I’ve had friends who have had these types of challenges in the past.  In order to better understand them, I attended some open AA and ALANON meetings.  What they teach at these meetings should be taught everywhere.  In one word, they teach “serenity”.

Letting go is such a big part of the addiction recovery process.  In anxiety, holding on is the key cause.  Wondering what would happen if… all the time causes me to be afraid.  If I let go of these thoughts and allow life to happen as it will and trust that everything will be ok then there is nothing to feel anxious about.

Here’s an example:  I’m on my way to the grocery store and I’m worried that the cashier wont be friendly.  Yes, I worry about this.  What if this person is flat out rude to me?  How often does it happen that a cashier is rude?  Very seldom.  How have their actions hurt me in the past?  Not at all other than what I cause to happen in my own emotions.  The fact is that their words have no power over me unless I cause them to.  I’m not physically harmed and maybe they are having an exceptionally bad day.  I should maintain my happiness and go about the rest of my day.

I realize my post today is a lot of thoughts just thrown together.  It just helps me to see everything visually.  Maybe there is something that you can take from it in your own journey.

Be well.  Be positive.


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