You Just Being You

I came across this amazing video from the Angel Academy series.  In it, Jnana Deviprema speaks about being free of the fear of judgment and just being you.  Many things that he says in this video really strike a chord with me but one of the biggest is how you will help others be themselves when they see you being yourself.  Take a look.

I don’t get millions of of hits on this blog.  I don’t have thousands of followers.  I have, however, had several people who have reached out to me whether it be in the comments, referencing my posts on other sites or emailing me directly who have told me that they don’t want to hide their struggles anymore.  They want to be open and honest and talk freely about them.  That has been the biggest driving force in me continuing to write.

I try to speak candidly about my anxiety, ADHD, my emotions…  I don’t want people to think it’s something that I complain about or that is a stigma.  I want to talk about these things in such a way where others and myself can look back and say “hey, it’s ok to struggle.”  We all have struggles in this world.  I’ve never met anyone who a) didn’t struggle or b) was completely normal.

I once heard Donald Trump talk about how his life wasn’t easy.  He said from the minute he wakes up till the minute he goes to be he is fighting.  Sure, he’s got millions of dollars, a helicopter that flies him to his private jet and owns his own golf courses to play on on his days off.  All of that takes a lot of time to run.  On top of it, he said, he has to deal with things like lawsuits. Sounds like his life is anything but easy.

Today I encourage you to reach out to people and let them know that you too have struggles.  Speak candidly about it, talk about how you’ve, maybe, made yourself look silly at times.  Own it, because you’ve earned it.  Share what you’ve learned from it and embrace the camaraderie the experience of sharing that will give you.

Be well.  Be positive.


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