Can Curcumin/Tumeric Cure Anxiety?

Last year I decided to go see a therapist about my anxiety problems.  I only saw him the one time due to the costs but he speculated that my anxiety problems were probably genetic and further aggravated by a particularly tough time in my life about 10 years ago.   He also said that I probably couldn’t get rid of it but could manage it very effectively.  I’ve done a fairly good job this year of managing my anxiety by focusing on the present moment.  I’ve achieved this by trying to be conscious of where my thoughts are (past, present, future) and by meditating.  I’ve also started carrying crystals, which we can get in to another time, and have been taking curcumin (tumeric).

Mostly, I started taking curcumin for the physical health benefits.  It has helped my suspected carpel tunnel get better and has many other health benefits which I’m not very well versed in.  To be honest, my wife bought it and said “here, this will make you feel better” so I started taking it.

Today, my wife posted a picture of a bottle of curcumin on her Facebook page (we’re very extroverted) and was talking about how it was shown to be more effective than Prozac for treating depression and anxiety in a double blind study.  WHAT?  For real?  I did a search online and it’s true!  The funny thing is, I’ve taken Prozac and other anti-anxiety pills and they didn’t make me happy, just not anxious. When I take the curcumin I really do feel normal and happy.

So what if my anxiety problems were a deficiency in… whatever curcumin has in it?  What if it is a genetic deficiency?

I picked up some organic tumeric last night and I’m going to start working it in to my cooking.  I have no idea what to use it for to be honest but I’m sure there’s someone on the internet who will tell me.

Be well.  Be positive.


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