I Live in an Alternate Universe

I’ve come to a pretty major conclusion.  I live in an alternate universe.  Oh, you may see me in one universe, lets call it Alpha, and speak to me in Alpha but I actually see and interact in… we’ll call it Omega because I like Omega watches.  This realization has helped me to come to grips with my reality so to speak and to accept life as it happens.  Let me explain how this works.

So my wife sends me to the store.  She says “pick me up these crackers.  They’re on the bottom shelf right next to these other crackers.”  Simple task for anyone, she told me where it where it is, she told me what it’s next to and she showed me the box so I know what it looks like.  15 minutes later I’m standing in the grocery store on the phone with my wife who is trying to explain to me where these crackers are.  “No, those aren’t here and neither are the others… yes! I’m looking on the bottom shelf… yeah right in the middle!”  So normally, I would take her word for it and keep looking and sometimes leave without ever finding it.

Now that I realize she lives in the Alpha universe and I live in the Omega universe I know that I can’t always depend on her account of where something will be located.  Most likely it wont be.  So now I will look where she says but not get fixated on it.  Now, I’m finding what I’m looking for, just not where it’s supposed to be.

Now, that doesn’t mean I always see my universe.  There are times when I go to the store with her and she’ll say “See! right here” and I’m dumbfounded that I couldn’t find it where she did.

So this is potentially life changing.  There are so many more examples that I could give but maybe I’ll save these for another post.  The lesson, however, is that now that I recognize that I live in an alternate universe I can adjust my perception and adjust my life.  I don’t have to keep worrying about things I can’t help.


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