Mindbloom Momentum [App Review]

I’ve had this app for a long time but have hardly used it. The point of “Momentum” is to help you recognize and focus on the positive moments in your life.

The app starts with a hot air balloon sitting on the ground. To make your balloon fly you have to add fuel. You can fuel your balloon by adding a picture or note. Once you add your picture of note, you are asked to categorize it. Categories are happy, victory, reflective, kindness or thankful moments.

Once fuel is added your balloon takes flight. While in flight you will encounter flying boxes that will ask you to either answer questions or complete a task. Examples of this are “The name of someone who inspires you…” or “Stand on one foot for 15 seconds.” ┬áThese tasks will also add fuel to your balloon.

As you complete tasks in each category you will earn points. Points can be used to upgrade your balloon. There seem to be three balloons to choose from and each have little addons. I do hope Mindbloom expands the balloon hangar but I have a while before I’m fully upgraded.

One thing I love about this app is that everything about it is positive reinforcement. There doesn’t seem to be anything negative or any “oh no, you did….” type elements to it. Even if you forget to add fuel and you balloon comes back to ground, Momentum will congratulate you on your journey and encourage you to start a new one.

Aside from the gameplay, the graphics are quite beautiful. The colors and artistic style gives me an overall sense of peace and tranquility. Even the icon on my Windows Phone start screen is beautiful. Mindbloom took great care to make this app top notch.

I had one concern. I was worried about where my photos went after I posted them to the app. The app connects to facebook and some things I don’t want on Facebook. I wrote tech support and the woman who responded actually spoke to the app’s programmers to confirm that photos and notes are never shared in public or on social media.

I think Momentum is one of the few perfect apps. It is so useful and visually stunning and really does accomplish what it sets out to do. I will use this app a lot this year in my quest to improve my life.