The Type Of World You Want To Live In

I’ve said before that I have some positive post-it notes on my bathroom mirror.  One of them say “Something Amazing Will Happen Today.”  Indeed, many amazing things happen, but last week I had the opportunity to be a part of something to give back to the “100 Happy Days” challenge and I truly feel blessed.

On Wednesday I received an email from a producer at Headline News.  She stated that she was working on story about the 100 Happy Days challenge and that she had seen my blog (this one).  She asked me a few questions, which I answered.  One Sunday I checked the website out of curiosity and their #7 article was about #100HappyDays.  I clicked on it and started reading, hoping to see my name somewhere in the article.  It was a very interesting read about the guy behind the website.  Near the end of the article was a nice paragraph about me complete with a link to my blog (for real, this one!), pictures from my Instagram and quotes from my email.

I’m blessed to be a part of this.  I’m so thankful for this challenge and cannot think of a better way to give back.  I truly hope that this article gets a lot of exposure for the #100HappyDays challenge.

Speaking of giving back, I’ve decided to create the type of world that I want to live in.  Does this mean that I’m going to try to change everything and everyone?  No, it’s about perspective.  It’s about where I set my focus.  It’s about doing the most good for my community.

A while back, I wrote a post about giving. I recalled how my life was when I was unemployed for an extended period of time, yet I still gave and some how my bills got paid.  Since I wrote that post on January, 30th I’ve been giving randomly to people in need.  I do not say this so people will think I’m a great guy, I say this because I want to share my experience and hopefully inspire others.  I try to carry at least $5 with me at all times.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money but stay with me for a minute.

In my neighborhood there is a gas station.  Most days there is a homeless man who sits out with his two dogs and a sign.  I haven’t read the sign because his two pit bulls scare me (past experiences has made me afraid of them).  The first time I walked up to him he gave me the standard “God bless” until he sees that I’m not just handing him a dollar but five.  Five dollars to him means a lot more than it does to you and I.  To him, this is hope, this means not going to bed hungry.  His reaction to seeing five dollars is the most sincere “oh my gosh. oh my gosh” you’ve ever heard.  He looked me in the eye and thanked me.

The second time I gave him money he shook my hand and asked me my name.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  I asked him his name and his face lit up.  He told me proudly that his name is “Stormin’ Norman” and then he told me his dogs names.  We took a minute to chat about his dogs and then I had to get to work.  Those few minutes seemed to mean so much to him on a human level.  It wasn’t just money for survival, it was someone who cared to shake his hand and treat him with dignity.  This is the type of world I want to live in where people treat even homeless people with dignity.  Who act as if they are equal in every day.

The joy and satisfaction I get out of experiences like that is amazing.  Those things make me feel true happiness.

Are you afraid to give?  Good, give anyway and when you give and you find joy and good things start happening to you then give more.

Be well.  Be positive