Imagine A World Full Of People You Love

What if you lived in a world full of people you love?  Not just people you love in most places but every single person was someone you love.

I believe you can trick your mind in to believing anything you want it to.  Experiments have shown that your heart and mind will follow cues you give it physically.  This means that a smile can make you happy and that holding your hands up in the air in the right way can make you more confident.

So what if you spent a day, or a week, or maybe a month telling yourself that you love everyone you encounter throughout a given day?  Could this be enough to convince your mind that you do indeed love everyone as if they were a family member?  I theorize that this may indeed be a possibility.

My biggest question is how would this affect the way I live my life?  I can imagine I would be more understanding if someone cut me off in traffic.  It probably would make me feel more inclined to open doors for people.  This would most likely force a new perspective for me that could be life changing.

I’m going to give it a shot.  I’m going to start saying, in my head, “I love you’ to everyone I see whether they’re in a car or walking past me.  When or if I start seeing results, I’ll share them here with all of you lovely people.

Be well.  Be positive.


What If I Force A Positive Perspective?

A few months ago I started reading a book called “E-Squared” by Pam Grout. The premise of the book is that she gives you nine experiments that you conduct one day at a time. Experiments like telling yourself you’re going to see a certain odd colored car or how many butterflies you’ll see that day. The point it to prove to yourself That you create your own reality. I did four or five of them and then, for some reason, stopped reading the book. I was blown away by what I discovered.

This got me thinking today, what if I’m not a negative person. What if I’ve let my anxiety create a negative perspective on life.  What if I’ve become so focused on the bad things that I think are happening that I’m missing out on the good things. What if I replay certain events after they happen and see what happened that was good?

So let’s make a long story short and say it was 3:30pm and I hadn’t eaten anything. I was starving. My wife had to leave for about a half hour and I had family in town and I was home. The cupboard is bare so there was nothing to eat. My first thought was to freak out and say “oh no! I’m starving!! What ever will I do?? I’m going to wither away!” I stopped myself. Life isn’t that bad. I didn’t even feel that hungry….really.  So I texted my wife. I asked if she could bring me home a sandwich from the corner store. She knew I was hungry but had to run an errand and was trying to hurry. she called me and said she’d be happy to.

When my wife got home she was all smiles. I smiled with her, helped her carry some things into the house before sitting down and eating my sandwich. It really set the tone for the rest of our evening.

So I’ve proven my theory. If I’m able to stop myself before I freak out then I can find the good before I find the bad.